Mark Stock's Nichols Arboretum Page
Mark Stock\'s Nichols Arboretum Page

Or, "The Arb", That place with the Trees, etc.

I had to create a page extolling the wonders of the Arb. I am one of many people who enjoys its rolling hills, trees, brush, and flying insects. If you haven't been there, take a Saturday and go wander some trails.

8/28/94: The only graphics I have for this page right now is a map. Some nice photographs will be included soon.

2 Years in the Making - Pictures!

9/18/96: OK, I've finally gotten off my butt and brought a camera to the Arb. Here's what we saw that day in September, 1996.

Also, check out the REAL Nichols Arboretum Page, run by the School of Natural Resources and Environment. Way to go, dudes!

This is a view from the bowl just north of the pine grove, looking west toward the main valley. Just to the right of the photo was a rock (now removed) that has sent at least 2 sledders to the hospital. Sledding is not recommended (by the authorities), I personally believe that the Arb is a great place for sledding. 60KB JPG
This is a view looking up from atop the little hill upon which is located the "Pine Grove." Its an excellent hang-out spot, but, please, no runic inscriptions in the dirt.
More pictures coming soon.

Beware of the Arb Ninja!

Mark J. Stock, Graduate Student, Aerospace Engineering, The University of Michigan