Mark Stock's Heavy Gear Imagery Page
Mark Stock\'s Heavy Gear Imagery Page

This page is devoted to all the fun and intriguing mecha role-playing and wargames out there and as my central resource for getting to all the cool stuff.

A firebase from the Southern Vehicles Guide book, with Jager-size gear. 22KB 24-bit JPEG
As promised, here is a still from an animation that appears on my MPEGs page of a missile igniting from a position just above a Hunter's shoulder. It took 1 hour on an SGI Indigo with some sampling and jitter options set. 97KB 24-bit JPEG
Another picture, this time in B/W, of Zoo's Para-Iguana. 37K JPEG
A newer Mammoth, better guns, mainly. 63K JPEG
A scale study, rough Hunter-type, gear technician, and Jeep Cherokee. Crappy colors, tho. 35K JPEG
A preliminary photo of a Para-Iguana made by my roommate. Gimme a chance to learn photography a little better or to get this one enlarged. 169K JPEG
A Mammoth, Thunderhammer (in the works), and Hunter from Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear game. Coming soon: missile packs and animations! NEW: Jeep Cherokee! This one is a 45KB, 24-bit JPEG.
Lineup of Hunter heavy gears and Mammoth striders, both from Dream Pod 9's game Heavy Gear, (I know, they need work, gimme some time) 58K, 24-bit JPEG

Mark J. Stock, Graduate Student, Aerospace Engineering, The University of Michigan