Mark Stock's Other Mark Stocks Page
Mark Stock\'s Other Mark Stocks Page

OK, now we're getting busy

On St. Kitts, surfer and traveller

Older list

Mark Stock, research assistant at Colorado State

Mark Stock, contemporary artist
and again, with Butler In Love, one of a series, another hangs in the BIX supper club, San Francisco, description
dude, and again, on Coke t-shirts
here's a picture of the man himself
here's a little history for you

Mark Stock, wide reciever
ouch, injured list, redskins, tho!
No WAY! the dude caught a TD pass!
a 45-yard pass this time (1995)

Mark Stock, finder of traped [sp] otters at Teaton [sp] National Park, maybe the same as the RA above?

Mark Stock, information technology provider in South Africa!

Mark Stock, Engineering Technician right here in Ann Arbor, my dad accidentally called this dude once, heard a baby crying and thought I had been hiding something!

Mark Stock, M.D. and Assistant Professor

Mark Stock, New Zealand mountainbiker

Mark Stock, US Army, commander of D Company 1-26 IN, in Odzak, Bosnia; West Point class of '89

Mark Stock, director of Midnight Movie Massacre, you'll have to dig thru this page to find the reference

Mark J. Stock, Graduate Student, Aerospace Engineering, The University of Michigan