Mark Stock's Photography Page 1

Mark Stock's Photography Page 1

Some Photographs I Have Made (August 1996 - ? )

I bought my current camera, a Minolta XG-1, in August of 1996. Yeah. So this is the first page of photos I have from that camera. They are in no particular order on this page.

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Before the dedication of the Lurie Tower on North Campus, the moon setting behind the floodlit tower. 21KB 24-bit JPEG
I'm watching a 60's music video, I thought out loud, as these swirling yellow lights were turned on. 40KB 24-bit JPEG
Then, they shot these way cool lasers over our heads. When the smoke from the stage floated through them, it created this cool effect. 59KB 24-bit JPEG
Of all the fireworks photos I took that night, this is the coolest. In the actual picture, you can see people dimly lit in the foreground. Nifty. 94KB 24-bit JPEG
Burton Memorial Tower on central campus, at dusk one fine day. 29KB 24-bit JPEG
Zoo, my roommate, got a deal on this gas-powered R/C car. He's trying to start it. 61KB 24-bit JPEG
At dusk in Nichols Arboretum, looking toward the "Pi." 49KB 24-bit JPEG
The RR tracks one crosses to illegally enter the Arb from the North. 33KB 24-bit JPEG
The new Lurie Engineering Center on North Campus, close-up from left court. 67KB 24-bit JPEG
Detail of the ceiling of the EECS atrium, above the student society's offices. 39KB 24-bit JPEG
View of atrium in the FXB, the Aerospace Department's new building. 99KB 24-bit JPEG
Front of aforementioned FXB building. 103KB 24-bit JPEG
The new Lurie bell tower on North Campus seen as a reflection in the front windows of the Media Union. 101KB 24-bit JPEG
This is a cool tractor we saw on the North Campus Diag one fine September day. 124KB 24-bit JPEG
Here's one of the train tracks that run just North of the Arb. 67KB 24-bit JPEG
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All photos on or linked to from this page are Copyright 1996, 1997 Mark J. Stock

Mark J. Stock, Graduate Student, Aerospace Engineering, The University of Michigan