1995 Summer Vacation
Northern Michigan

So, my roommates Markusn Nee and Jeremy Lobbezoo decide to pile in Zoo's Saab 900 Turbo and head to the UP for a week. Here are some of the pictures from that July adventure.

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Photo Gallery

This is a set of skid marks that I laid down in my Toyota during a previous vacation while trying to spin out. How'd this one get in here?
This is a damn beautiful small waterfall hidden deep in the Pictured Rocks state park.
This is me at Pictured Rocks on that same, particularly windy day. Markus said I looked like Mark Ventura, Schlep detective.
My attempt at being artistic, too bad Markus was ticked that the sun was in his eyes. Anyway, this was taken at the top of a lookout mountain near Copper Harbor, MI, at the very northern edge of the Keewenaw Peninsula, Markus on the left, Zoo (Jeremy) on the right.
And here is Zoo and myself, on the same peak, relaxing to a cold Coke and enjoying the view looking south. (We're not, you are) down a 300 foot cliff two paces behind us.
Lastly, as the sun was setting on the Keewenaw, I snapped this picture of Lake Superior looking north. It was a truly awesome day, on the last full day of a vacation with a great pair of friends.

Mark J. Stock, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
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