Mark Stock's Radiance Raytracing Page 1

Mark Stock's Radiance Raytracing Page 1

Older Radiance raytraced images

Welcome to page 1 of Mark Stock's Radiance raytracings, the product of 4 years of interest in raytracing, and access to a great radiosity raytracer, Radiance. Here are some links:

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Here are the images:

As promised, here is a still from an animation that appears on my MPEGs page of a missile igniting from a position just above a Hunter's shoulder. It took 1 hour on an SGI Indigo with some sampling and jitter options set. 97KB 24-bit JPEG
A Mammoth, Thunderhammer (in the works), and Hunter from Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear game. Coming soon: missile packs and animations! This one is a 92KB 24-bit JPEG.
Lineup of Hunter heavy gears and Mammoth striders, both from Dream Pod 9's game Heavy Gear, (I know, they need work, gimme some time) 24-bit JPEG.
A section of my rendition of Paolo Soleri's linear city, a 4 MB octree, but mighty, 24-bit JPEG.
3-story modular circular tower, was investigating octree nesting, 24-bit JPEG.
Just inside of the repair facility, 24-bit JPEG.
A view from on top of a bay, 24-bit JPEG.
Starship interior corridor, 24-bit JPEG.

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A simple glass house with interior lighting, 8-bit GIF.
A newer version of the view of U-M Ann Arbor's North Campus, home of the College of Engineering and the Schools of Music and Art & Architecture, The lights are not in their actual locations, it was hard enough to just get the buildings in place.
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building (EECS), with atrium.

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Mark J. Stock, Alumnus, Aerospace Engineering, The University of Michigan