Mark Stock's Radiance Raytracing Page 2

Mark Stock's Radiance Raytracing Page 2

More Radiance raytraced images

Welcome to page 2 of Mark Stock's Radiance raytracings, the product of 4 years of interest in raytracing, and access to a great radiosity raytracer, Radiance. Here are some links:

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Here are the images: (most recent on top)

Low-speed flowfield across a diamond-wing UCAV vehicle. The calculation was done by a program I am writing for my Aero 524 class; it utilizes a simple vortex ring panel method and LU decomposition to calculate the vortex strengths. 73KB JPEG
Two words: Borg Cube! Some more output from Pipes, this one uses octree nesting to speed render times. This image was rendered at 2304x2304 in half an hour. 768x768 124KB JPEG, or zoom-in, 94KB JPEG
Nicest image from my Pipes program, written in Java and designed to create a random array of tubes. Original image is 3072x3072. No ambient bounces, 26 hours on my PC, 768x768 80KB JPEG
Final frame in a movie of a static vortex created by Mayhem, my new Java program and latest project. 4000 particles follow a simple potential flow to create this image, 35 minutes to render with 1 ambient bounce. See my Radiance MPEGs page for the whole movie. 768x768 117KB JPEG
Interior view of a new project in works, a sky condo-like thing. I guess it does look a lot like my homepage, but that'll change soon, too. Apocalypse Now is playing on TV. 39KB JPEG
Same condo, looking southeast, note the Dumb and Dumber movie poster and the $10 halogen lamp Both of these images are 480x480, were rendered with one ambient bounce, and took 30-40 min on my AMD P133+. 34KB JPEG
Rendering of part of a wind-whipped field of grass, reeds, or what-have-you. The scene is a 3x5 array of a random unit of grass. This image was practice for a new animation, using octree instances of grass being blown in various directions at various speeds. See the movies page.
Test of a starbase interior program, written in Matlab. 52KB 24-bit JPEG, 2 ambient bounces, took only a few minutes on a HP C-100
Test of a starship hull program, written in Matlab. 36KB 24-bit JPEG, 2 ambient bounces, also took only a few minutes
Arcology design concept blatantly stolen from a segment I saw on Beyond 2000, a latticework structure towering 6 km above the landscape. Not yet complete, this was produced by a simple sh script. 138KB 24-bit JPEG, radiosity on, a bit over an hour on a '91-vintage Indigo
Same thing, but without a radiosity calculation. 133KB 24-bit JPEG, not much more than a few minutes on the same Indigo
View of same, with living modules now. 126 KB 24-bit 640x512 JPEG from 2560x2048 pixel original which took 5 hrs with 2 ambient bounces on the same Indigo

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Mark J. Stock, Alumnus, Aerospace Engineering, The University of Michigan