Mark Stock


Github I use Github and Bitbucket for all of my new open-source codes, check there for interesting stuff.
Vic2d Vic2d is a two-dimensional vortex-in-cell method-of-characteristics fluid simulator for multicore CPUs. It can take pretty long time steps and run at Reynolds numbers of 1M and higher.
Colorfield Colorfield generates a pleasing palette of related colors by randomly marching through RGB or HSV colorspace.
Stickkit stickkit reads Radiance, VTK, or OBJ-like files and refines, coarsens, roughens, translates, and scales the geometry, and writes the results.
Rocktools Rocktools is a toolkit for the creation and manipulation of open and closed triangle meshes, and is well-suited for creating 3D meshes of rocks, landscapes, and other rough shapes.
DLA-ND dla-nd is an arbitrary-dimensional off-lattice diffusion-limited aggregation simulator. It is a rewrite of dla3d with several improvements.
Part-ND part-nd is an arbitrary-dimensional particle system and gravitational simulator. It is a rewrite of part3d with many improvements.
KinoStill kinostill is a small program designed to assist Linux users in creating video frames from a still image with smooth panning and scaling and far less aliasing than other software.
Pipes pipes is a three-dimensional space-filling pipe geometry creator. It's an older bit of code that has been recently reworked.
HFTools hftools is a distribution of useful tools for creation, manipulation, and rendering of virtual landscapes using triangle meshes instead of scalar heightfields.