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hftools Page - Landscape Utilities for Unix

last modified: 1998-11-18

hftools is a distribution of useful tools for creation, manipulation, and rendering of virtual landscapes. The programs contained within have been built on Linux and SGI workstations and should work on HP and Sun machines, too. The distribution makes use of several other software packages:

All software available from this page not written or copyrighted by another author is Copyright 1998 Mark J. Stock. This code is not guaranteed or warranteed, and I ask you, in good faith, not to sue me (or any other author), or hold me responsible for any damages caused by using this software. If you copy this software, you must keep the original headers. Refer to the Gnu General Public License for details.

This software should compile correctly under Linux (I tested them on Red Hat Linux 5.1) and SGI IRIX (I use 6.3). If you have any problems compiling any code, please e-mail me.

Packages available for download


hftools is the basic distribution of Unix utilities for creation and manipulation of landscape data.
Download hftools.tar.gz_1998-09-24

What hftools contains (some may still be under development):

Radiance Links

Other Terrain/Topography/Landscape Sites

Most recent developments (1998-09-24):

Mark J. Stock, Graduate, Aerospace Engineering, The University of Michigan