Mark Stock


Digital fine art I have been creating science-based artwork since 2000 and much of it has been rendered with Radiance. Algorithmic Modeling and Radiance Rendering (6 MB PDF) My art website
Rendered landscapes Summer Street Map Company designs and sells incredibly-detailed 3D rendered maps of cities and landscapes on Society6.
Utah sky model I implemented the Preetham, Shirley, Smits model for sky color in Radiance. This resulted in a substantial improvement of sky realism in Radiance. A New Model For Radiance Skies (10 MB PDF) YouTube Video Code on github
Speed benchmarks Compilation of nearly a decade of rpict performance on a standard scene, both single-core and rpiece-accelerated results are presented.
Resolution and filtering tests Testing oversampled rendering and filtered downsampling using pfilt options. Performance and image quality are measured.
Ambient and penumbra tests Results from tests using -aa 0 to create smooth ambient lighting and penumbras while keeping render times short.
Mars skies A gensky replacement for recreating daytime martian sky colors.
Windowpat A pattern for applying to arbitrary shapes to create the impression of a futuristic building.
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Some of my earliest raytracings